Nasty-Pink's Commission Guide!

Below is a list of all my prices! If you ever have an question or inquiry, feel free to shoot me a message at, Pink#0034 on discord, or DM me on my socials!


This is an 18+ site, and I am an 18+ artist. You must be over 18 to purchase art from me. Failure to do so will have you added to my blacklist, and you will be permanently banned from buying from me, being featured in any of my art, and will be blocked on my socials regardless of when you become of age.

Furthermore, this also applies to characters who are underage. I only draw adult characters in the art posted here. If you ask me for a NSFW commission of an underage character, you will be blocked and blacklisted immediately.

Still Art

B&W - $20 per Character

Colored - $30 per Character

There's two character sketches here, bringing the cost to $40!

There's two character sketches here, bringing the cost to $60!

Polished Lineart

Polished Flat Colors

Polished and Fully Shaded


With animations, I charge by level of completion, plus the amount of "chunks" or shots in the animation. Each extra "chunk" added into a loop will double the price-- since it's double the work!

Sketch - $250 per Chunk

B&W - $350 per Chunk

Limited Palette - $400 per Chunk

Full Color - $450 per Chunk

Sketch and Black and White (no colors)

Partial Colors (usually 2-3) and Full Colors (full palette)

One Chunk

Two Chunks

Three Chunks

Four Chunks

Reference Sheets

With reference sheets, I can do them a couple of different ways. Depending on if you need multiple views, forms, details, a full turn around for a 3D model, or just a simple sketch, I'll customize your ref accordingly!

Sketch Ref
(four angles)

Casual Ref
(three angles plus added details on the side)

Turnaround Ref
(five angles)